Striped Sweater Dress & snap button presser

Its been a while! I havent been sewing much the past few weeks — the husband is back to work and I have less time to tinker in my sewing room. Besides, I got myself another secret machine that I am playing with, anyone want to guess what it is? (Hint, its not a sewing machine.)

The only project I finished sewing was from a few weeks ago. I wanted some sweater dresses for winter — I havent gotten back in shape enough to be comfortable in my old jeans, but I dont have much sweaters that are long enough to be decent with leggings. Also, I need something that can be opened up easily for breast feeding. So I made this dress/cardigan.

It was made using wool sweater knit, so it is very warm. I made it using only the serger, so it didnt take long. There are snap button closures along the front and the belt (I hate the little yarn that retailers use to hold the belt in place). When its buttoned up, I can wear it with leggings as a dress. When unbuttoned, it looks good as a layering cardigan.

Talking about snap buttons, I forgot to mention that my dad got me a cool snap button installing presser from china, along with tons of snap buttons. He meant for me to make pajamas (the ones that can be unbuttons all the way to the feet) for Kaylee, but given that I can get nice clothing for her from good wills for less than 2 bucks, I am hogging those buttons for my own sewing projects for now 😛  I love not having to hammer the snap buttons in the garage!

6 thoughts on “Striped Sweater Dress & snap button presser

  1. Your secret machine is CRICKET!!! It’s gotta be. It’s just gotta be. Love how the cardigan has dual use and LOVE your boots! And holler to your Dad for being so thoughtful =)

  2. hi jue! you look great! i hope you and your baby are doing well:) i am so jealous of snap machine! it would open up a whole new sewing world..i wonder if there are place i can buy it for a reasonable price here. anyway, loving your new cardi! so cute.

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