Sewing Table Mini-Makeover

During the last few days of pregnancy, I tried to get Kaylee out by being more active — cleaning the house, going on walks, etc. One of the things I did was to do a mini sewing table make over. I have one of those art benches with just a slap of fake wood on top, and it is pretty scratched up. I also have a very crappy ironing table, that threatens to topple over every time I used it. So I wrapped up the top part of the table in paddings and then in canvas, then nailed them tight on the back with upholstery nails. Now I have a new sewing table that serves many functions:

  • It is prettier.
  • I can iron large pieces of fabric on there easily
  • I can poke my pins into the table and it wont fall off onto the ground

The only function it failed to serve was to get Kaylee out earlier. Can you imagine a full-term pregnant woman turning a large slab of table over, then went at it with hammers and nails?

11 thoughts on “Sewing Table Mini-Makeover

  1. For my first I went for a LONG walk to try and induce labor. I ended up getting regular contractions to five minutes apart for an hour so we got in the car to go. As soon as I sat down the contractions stopped and my back was really sore for three days. Now I usually discourage other women from doing this.

    1. doh! i know, sometimes i think babies come at their own pace — all the inducing (besides medical ones) are just coincidence! but some people swears by certain methods!

  2. I have been so out of the loop on my blogs (due to a bit of a crazy year), but I didn’t know you had a baby! Congratulations!! That’s so awesome and she is beautiful!

  3. It looks like a great sewing/ironing space. I wish I had something like that.
    Ha, babies never listen when we want them to do something, do they? 😉 They take their own time coming into this world.

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