Shimmering Skirt

I made a skirt! I bought the fabric yesterday and finished this morning, all during Kaylee’s naps, that is how easy the skirt is! It is literally made from 4 rectangles plus a zipper and unlined. I found this shimmering 90%poly 10% wool blend in hancock and got 1/2 a yard, and wasted nothing!

Paired with leather oxford and tan coat, i got myself a nice outfit

I especially love the exposed metal zipper. Hubby had a pair of shorts of the same color, so the zipper went well with the fabric:

close up of the fabric:

It is inspired by what i found on pinterest:

Not quite the same but hey, mine costed me less than 5 bucks in material. I want to make  a tan, notch collared jacket from camel hair and burda pattern, making almost an exact knock off of the look. But I am not sure if I will have the time, since I have to go back to work soon.

On the other hand, I took these pictures myself with auto timer, and had the darnest time  making it focus! I gave up at the end. It is hard taking photos for your blog without a photobitch!

Lastly, a quick poll — do you think this skirt is too short to wear to work? I work as an engineer, so people are mostly in casual wear, except me! But my skirts are usually within 2-3 inches above my knee. Not sure if this is too much shortness but I really want to wear it!

17 thoughts on “Shimmering Skirt

  1. I’m also an engineer — I wouldn’t think twice if a co-worker wore a skirt that short (it looks cute, and the neutral color makes it professional enough) but I’d want tights on if I were wearing it!

  2. Tights should do the trick. Also, if you act lady-like (which I have a hard time doing, honestly), you can wear short skirts and no one will think anything of it.

  3. I’m an engineer and I’d say maybe with opaque tights. I don’t know what people at your work place would think, but if I’m unsure about something, I tend to worry about it throughout the day.

    That said, I also wear some kind of random stuff occasionally. I have some dark jade colored tights (which I wear with an otherwise conservative outfit) and I’ll catch old guys glancing down at them occasionally. They’re not leering, they’re just thinking “huh…” I’m pretty sure.

  4. Gosh you can make a skirt with half a yard of fabric, using 4 rectangles am so jealous. The skirt will look longer if you pair with opaque tights as the pp said.

  5. The skirt looks really cute.

    I’m not a fan of short skirts so I’d probably pair it with tights, but I think what matters is how you feel in it.

  6. My first response is to be positive and reassuring, then I realize that you really need an honest opinion and I have to say that it is too short for work. But just fine for casual.

  7. I’m gonna have to agree with the others who said the skirt’s a little too short. Anyways, poo, you have to go back to work =( Is Kaylee gonna have to go to daycare when you do or will your parents be able to help? I keep meaning to ask you if Sophie has adjusted to having to share you big time with little Kaylee =)

  8. I’m an engineer and I’ve learned that it really depends on your office and the type of work. If you are going to client meetings then I think adding tights would make it just fine. If your at your desk most of the day (like me) then it doesn’t matter just as long as nothing shows when your sitting. I think that it looks great!

  9. This is soo cute. If your workplace is a casual environment, I think that length should be fine (but no shorter than that). The fact that it’s a high-waisted skirt gives the illusion of a long skirt … if you know what I mean? haha’re petite so it doesn’t seem that short on you!

  10. cute! i love the pinterest photo, makes me want to make a camel jacket and mini skirt myself. i think the skirt might be a bit too short for work, but if you wear it with tights, I think it’s acceptable. I’m not an engineer, but do work with engineer-ish type people (IP lawyers). With jacket and tights, I think it works for work environment:)
    are you going back to work soon?

      1. aww thats so soon! i was a bit depressed when i had to go back to work myself..
        i love your pic with your baby in the latest post! so cute! i want to see more 🙂

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