Knitted baby blanket

Thanks everyone for your advices on my skirt! I do love it and I think I will heed most people’s opinion on wearing opaque tights with it for work. It has loosened up a little from wear and now sits about 1 inch lower on my waist, so I think it shall be quite safe! I am surprised at the amount of readers who are also engineers šŸ™‚ hello!

One thing that surprised me about having a baby, is how much laundry you end up having to do. Between diaper accidents, squirting breasts, and outrageous spit ups (projectile!), we end up going through her blankets/towels quite fast. Luckily, we received tons of blankets and baby towels from our friends and coworkers. One of myĀ favoriteĀ blankets is a hand knitted blanket from hubby’s coworker. It is made from merino wool and features very subtle teddy bears. I love the color, and I love how soft it is — kaylee is very active and this is the only blanket that she cant kick off easily since it drapes over her. I also love that its knitted — I dont worry too much about it getting on her face and suffocating her since its loosely weaved.

I myself has no patience for blankie knitting, but now that I have a machine, I got no excuse! I made one for Kaylee:

I made it so that there’s cables running down the side toĀ alleviateĀ the curling, and rows of eyelets. It took a little longer than I anticipated due to the details, but I think its still much faster than hand knitting. It still curled more than I like, but after a wash it softened up and its not too bad! Since this is my first time trying out eyelet and cables, I used 1/2 a pound of cheap poly/arcrylic (what is the diffeence between those two anyways? they are both plastic, no?) yarn from Caron. I love the seafoam color, and it is surprisingly soft. But the fabric snob in me is still slightly on the fence about the fact that its not natural fiber. But Kaylee seems to like it, and it is very awesome for the carseat!

7 thoughts on “Knitted baby blanket

  1. Aw! Cute little fuzzy hair! When my son was that little I used to love to “pet” his hair because it was so soft. He’ll probably be embarrassed to know that in 5 more years….

    I love the knit teddy bear blanket! That is so cool! Yours turned out really nice too, and I wouldn’t worry about the fiber content (unless she’s allergic), because you’re going to wash the heck out of these things and lets face it–plastic (in fabric-ish form anyway) is pretty much indestructible.

    1. yeah! love the fuzz too šŸ™‚ besides it distract me from her cradle cap so my ocd wont be as tempted to want to touch those!

      you are right though — she already soiled the blanket once!

  2. And don’t forget that it is safer to leave babies unattended with a wool blanket because it won’t ignite or melt in case of a fire.

    1. i never thought about that! its good that I use this one with her carseat so i am next to her at all times! this makes me want to look for a washable wool that is not scratchy!

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