Wearable Muslin- Linen Shirt

I had been eyeing some flowy blouses for a while. I dont enjoy making blouses as much as dresses and coats. However, even polyester blouses are around 30 dollars a piece, let alone something from natural fiber that is flowy. The cheapness in my just cant pay over 50 dollars for a blouse. So I decided that I will make one. Before I splurge my silks for it, I decided to make a muslin! If you had been following my blog, you know that I almost NEVER make muslins. But I wanted a white short sleeve shirt to layer under a cute sweater anyways, and I just happened to have a flowy linen fabric in my stash…

I like the pattern (burda 2009-09-105) quite a lot. I used size 36 and I think it fits quite well – the dart does point to my nipple but I did have to take in the shoulder by an inch. I ran out of fabric, so I had to use another fabric for the collar stand. I also made a mistake around the collar, can you spot it? I think I might not have cut out seam allowance for the front center seam…

On the other hand, after I made this I realized that I am fond of making white short sleeve blouses with snap buttons. This is my fourth one of the sort. My previous three are here: one, two, three! And I almost dont make any other blouses =_=. Time to change it up! If the silk allows it, I probably will be sticking with the  snap buttons — they are just so much easier than making button holes and sewing on buttons, especially that I got a snap button presser!

Shirt: self made

yojegging: self made

oxford: modcloth

sweater: forever 21

baby: self made

8 thoughts on “Wearable Muslin- Linen Shirt

  1. So pretty 🙂 I like the contrasting collar band a lot. I actually thought it was completely intentional and wished I had thought of it before! Haha. and the length kinda looks like a design element too. Burda’s drafted shoulders always befuddle me; they’re usually too broad on my body. Your daughter looks really cute!

  2. I noticed that you mentioned pinterest on a couple of posts, would it be possible to send me an invite pretty please?

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