Purple Silk Button Up Blouse

Its official — I love silk blouses! I made this one over about two weeks, finishing it just in time to wear to work. It is made from a classic pattern, after I had made a muslin for it. I french seamed everything, and put on buttons!

The silk was quite slippery to cut, but once cut, sewing it wasnt as bad as I remembered. Perhaps its because I actually used a polyester thread this time, along with a size 9/10 needle. Despite the thin needle, it still snagged the fabric a tiny bit as it punctured, but I am okay with it as its not very visible:

I dont really know what kind of fabric to call this silk fabric. It is not a charmeuse, as the fabric is the same weave front and back, and it is not as shiny as a charmeuse. It actually kind of have the same texture as the super cheap lining made from acetate, but much much more comfortable and not much fraying either. I interfaced the collar stand and the cuff, but did not interface the front two stripes for buttons &  button holes, as I want the blouse to remain flowy in the bodice.

And I am very proud of the fact that every seam is french seamed, including the armhole!

The style + color is a little too mature for me, to say the truth. But I meant to wear it under sweaters anyways, and its perfect because its so thin and slippery and comfortable, I can layer it under the thinnest sweater with ease!

I just love it! I think I need to make more silk blouses. Perhaps with flowy ties next time. Or a crazy floral pattern. hmm! more things to add to my to-make list!

7 thoughts on “Purple Silk Button Up Blouse

    1. it was a little tricky at the arms because the seam at the arm is longer that that of the shoulder… i just kind of folded the excess fabric and called it a day 🙂

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