Unwearable – Pleated Wool Circle Skirt

This skirt was finished a few weeks ago, but I just just cant make it work. It is made from this very drapery, fray-crazy, slippery wool suiting material in my stash. I was so glad I chose to do a simple project with it because it is so hard to get the wool to sew evenly. I had tried adding a pocket, but the seams came out all crooked so I ripped it out.

The skirt pattern is the same as a circle skirt, but a much bigger circle. I pleated the skirt so its even fuller than a circle skirt. But because it is a circle, and the fabric is so drapy, I had to hang the skirt for a week before hemming it. After hanging I trimmed the skirt as if I am giving it a haircut, evening out one pleat against another (does that make sense?). Hemming it proved to be very difficult as well, as the fabric pulls in different directions while I am serging it. Oh well, the hem is as even as its ever going to get here. However, due to the fact that it is cut out of a circle, no matter if i ironed the pleat out or in, the drapes are very uneven. Can you see it in the picture? The pleats do not fall the same way. I was not sure how much I will be wearing this skirt as the uneven drape is driving me crazy. After a few weeks of hanging it in my closet, it is officially going to the failure pile. boo!


4 thoughts on “Unwearable – Pleated Wool Circle Skirt

  1. Oh no, don’t get rid of it! If you hadn’t mentioned the hemming not being even, I wouldn’t have even noticed it. I think cuz it’s a skirt and it’s drapy, you won’t be able to tell if the hem is even or not, especially when someone’s wearing it. Who knows even if someone notices it, s/he might think you have one hip higher than the other =) And it’s not the fault of the skirt =P

  2. It’s a shame you planning to throw this away, the fabric is pretty, and I think the finished skirt looks nice even if it’s not exactly what you had pictured in your mind. But, I also know that sometimes the things we make just don’t make us feel good, and so it has to go.

  3. Sigh, the failure pile. I just spent an episode of PR ripping out the seams of a garment from the failure pile. At least your pieces look big enough you might be able to work it into something else. Like a tiny baby wool jacket complete with pocket square? 🙂

    1. hehehe, yeah, it has a lot of whole fabric left, but the fabric is so hard to deal with (i rather sew silk!) thatI dont think I want the nightmare again!

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