First Draped Dress!

Saw this on pinterst a few month ago and thought it looked good:

It costs $650 something dollars, but it looks relatively easy to do. So I bought some bamboo jersey and made one for myself.

It is not quite the same as the original dress, as I dont think I got the formulae down quite right. But it is draped from just 2 rectangle pieces of fabric, with some rouching here and there. Because it is asymmetrical, it wasnt too hard. I made it up in an hour during one of the baby naps.

I think my favorite thing about it is the neckline:

Look at the shoulder gathering!

I think it could use more gathering on the side. and oops, i see a lose thread hanging!

I dont think this is a very good copy of the original. I really should do the side gathering for both front and back at the same side, and make the gathering lower, and make it more, and leave one side a long slit.  But it got hubby to whistle when he came home, so its all good 🙂 I am tempted to make up a better copy since I still have a lot of fabric left. Plus I wouldnt mind two similar dresses here – bamboo jersey is just so heavenly to wear!

13 thoughts on “First Draped Dress!

  1. Woman, you look incredible. I was thinking if you want, you could spice it up with some rhinestones. Have a strip of glittery stones on the shoulder gathering or at the rouching by the abs. And pair it up with super red heels with a red purse. Lol, I think I’ve been watching too much ‘Rachel Zoe Project’ =)

  2. Looks fabulous. I was going to say there are a lot of sewing patterns similar but then saw you got it all covered and done it yourself, you clever gal.

  3. I love it! Thanks for making this, as a Petite. I sometimes have a hard time visualizing certain styles and it’s wonderful to see how good this looks on you.

  4. this is amazing!!! you look great and looks comfortable! you only used two rectangular pieces of fabric? i’d love to try this out.i probably should use 4 way stretch jersey, right?

    1. yeah! well, the jersey is stretchy every way! its the bamboo stuff from fabricmart, which i used over and over again since its just so comfy. i actually changed up the design today and its closer to the inspiration, i will post a simple “tutorial” this week. (no measurements or anything, just the general idea of how to do this!

  5. This is lovely. I was looking for the flaws you were pointing out and count find them lol. I want to make this with long sleeves. Again it’s lovely Sweety. Thanks for sharing.

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