Growing Shadows Dress

Aii. Life with a baby is pretty darn busy. I barely have any time to sew now and I am seriously craving some quality sewing time. Part of me wants to take a vacation day and just sew. Sewcation. Yes…

This is a pretty quick and easy dress I whipped up over the span of a few weeks. (Normally would just take me a day or two). I sew for 10 minutes here and there. It is based on the sincerely Vivat Veritas dress I made 2 summers ago. I made this one slightly cap sleeved, V-neck, and with a different back cut out. The fabric is a slightly stretch cotton that is oh-so-soft. It has a one side border print that looks like shadows of grass growing out.

Less washed out shot of the back:

I love these backless dresses. I dont need a bra as it provides boob support, and they are so cooling but looks put together still. To wear to the office I just add a sweater to cover up the back!

8 thoughts on “Growing Shadows Dress

  1. Love the dress, love the length, love the background, love your hair =) and love how you still sew while raising a baby.

  2. The dress fits you beautifully! I love the sexy back and glamorous shoes. *sigh* Even though you say you don’t have much time to sew with a baby, you are still rocking it!

  3. That is so awesome, simple but pretty, making your own dress how nice, is it possible to do this kind of sewing with a simple small sewing machine for beginners 😀 ?

    1. yes of course! 🙂 the material is pretty thin so you dont need a super good machine to sew this! 🙂 i worked on a pretty cheap $110 machine for a few years and i thought it was awesome!

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