Hubby’s Halloween Costume

Oh I totally forgot that I did sew something awesome! I made hubby a costume based on one of his favorite movies – can anyone take a guess?



It was very easy – I found blue long sleeve shirts and a pair of large pants at goodwills, and did some refashioning with some blue cotton fabric. When I was working on this, we were still in the middle of the bathroom remodel, and I realized that for a last minute costume, you can totally just stick painters tape on blue shirt/pants for this look!

Of course, I like sewing this on better, since he decided that he will wear this every year! 😉 maybe next year I should sew my daughter one as well, so we can be a team! (I have a while safari outfit as the pregnant lady, for those who know what I am talking about here!)

4 thoughts on “Hubby’s Halloween Costume

  1. Gosh, I have no clue who these characters are. But D looks very tall and intimidating in his costume. He looks like he’s 10feet tall!

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