Red Riding Hoodlet

It is getting colder and mildly winter-y here in the bay area. Little Kaylee here still doesnt have much hair yet. I always feel that her head gets cold when we are out and about. However, ever since she mastered hand motions, she always take her hats off within 2 seconds (maybe her head doesnt really get cold). I knew I would have no hope of her keeping a cute warm hat on. But she always have trouble taking hoodies off, so I decided to knit her a hoodlet!

hoodie off:

Isnt she adorable in it? Its hard to not post all 20 pictures we managed to get down to 😛

I made up the pattern myself. Here it is for future reference and if anyone is interested. If you do use it to knit one, please send some pictures/links after you are done! I dont read knitting patterns much so if there’s anything thats not clear please feel free to ask in the comment!

Material: 2 skein of loops and threads cosy wool (I know I keep on using them- they just look so fuzzy and cute!)

Tool: size 15/10mm circular needle (I used a 30 inch one that includes the length of the needles. but I think a shorter one would be fine too)

  • cast on 56 stitches
  • knit 10 rows
  • decrease 4 stitches eveningly
  • knit 6 row
  • decrease 4 stitches eveningly
  • knit 3 row
  • decrease 4 stitches eveningly (44 stitches now)
  • knit 1 row
  • decrease 4 stitches eveningly (40 stitches now)
  • stop knitting in the round – at where you want the neck opening to be, reverse and purl instead of knit every other row, and do not join the two sides. (you start to knit the hood part here)
  • When the hood part reaches about 10-11 inches, stop knitting and bind off using kitchener’s stitches.
  • Make a ball and attach to the hoodie

Tada! Easy, right? 🙂 Please note – little kaylee is about 30 inches tall, and 20 pound heavy and this fits her perfectly.

Here’s one last photo to tempt you into making one for your own little one.

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