Striped Wool Pencil Skirt

I am going out of order here but I guess when you have so much stuff going on, you cant be picky about when to take photos 🙂 I made a skirt out of some wool that I was trying to make another kind of skirt from.

I made it from a self drafted skirt pattern I made a while back. The skirt pattern was just a basic pencil skirt, and I added vertical insert to the sides to add more interest. In my head, the horizontal part of the skirt was supposed to be narrower, creating a skinnier illusion. But the fit was so nice that I decided not to mess with it.

Zoom in on the vertical insert:

Look at my perfectly inserted zipper and the almost invisible darts

There are four darts in the front, they are truely not very visible! Can you spot them?

I made it using Shetland Wool from fabric mart. Truthfully I dont think I will use this wool for apparel again. I made my white coat from it and another green skirt from it before. Its just not drapery enough for my taste and is too loosely weaved. But I do like the amount of color selection they have and how easy it would be to mix and match fabric. I believe I could have gotten a perfectly matching brown fabric to insert to the side instead!

It is lined with some random lining material in my stash. I hand stitched the hem so that every seam is enclosed nicely.

I wore it to work today and man, I think I am just not a lady. It was extremely difficult for me to sit with my legs crossed for hours. I think this will have to be a off work outfit!

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