Bamboo Jersey Zipper Top

I just love bamboo jersey. They are the softest things ever. I made this quickly because I wanted something that I can wear leggings and boots and long socks with.

I LOVE how soft and comfortable this is. I wear it on every laundry cycle. I love it so much that I bought some rayon jersey to make the same thing, and if you know me, I dont like to make the same thing. This is made from  pretty generic top/dress pattern from Burda magazine. and was inspires by some pictures here and here.

The zipper/pocket part was pretty hard to sew on, because the material is very soft and stretchy. (The zipper on my pocket is from hubby’s torn shorts.)  I am not sure how cloth manufacturers can sew it on so straight and nice. I actually had ironed on backings before I sew it on, then removed it, to prevent it from stretching out too much, but the stitches are still crooked. Anyone have any tips? Also, besides the pocket, the rest is sewn together using my serger. I am not sure if the tension on my serger isnt right, but the stitches are not very tight and you can kind of see the stitching when pulling at the seams. Anyone else have the same issue with their sergered goods?

Regardless of the flaws, I just love love it!

P.s. Thank you everyone who had entered on the giveaway! The lucky winner is Zanda, congrats! Though I seriously wish I had 10 of this hoodlet, because I can imagine it looking so great on many of you!

7 thoughts on “Bamboo Jersey Zipper Top

  1. First of all, thank you, thank you for great giveaway. You made my day :). (I send my address to your e-mail)
    This jersey top looks so comfortable and I did not wonder that you wear it so often. Love the pocket detail.

  2. I just love love it on you! You know, I think that is my favorite piece of all the pieces you made, ever. Ooh yeah! Perfect combination with leggings and boots AND also perfect balance of comfort and style.

  3. I have had trouble with my serger showing thread at the seams. Mine is a Babylock Imagine. They recalibrated and adjusted the tension. Looks so much better, but still see the thread a little. They told me that is the nature of the stitch. So now I will always use a straight stitch from sewing machine first (haven’t seen with jersey before). Other things they suggested was increase left needle tension and using wooly? thread.

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