Forest Green Mommy Sweater

Happy new year everyone!! I am still posting projects I did back in 2012, like this green sweater! This is the sweater that I made on my Bond Machine knitting sweater that I am not too crazy about. But it looks decent as an underlayer so I’ve been wearing it here and there.

For my own reference, here’s the exact rows I used. It is based off their instruction pattern, only slightly modified:

2.5 tension plate, 2 out of 4 rods inserted

cast on 72 stitches with WY, knt 6 rows
K 68 rows, mark arm holes
K 48 more rows
put center 36 stitches on waste yarn
each shoulder will have 18 stitches
knitting 6 rows with WY on each shoulder, then take them off the machine
flip it around, with wrong side facing you, hang the hem, knit 10 times then rib it. then bind off

cast on 72 with WY, knit 6 rows
knit 68 rows, mark arm holes, twist center 6 yarsn every 10 rows (the first one should be after only 5 stitches)
knit 32 rows (continue cable)
put center 18 stitches on WY
for each shoulder:
– Knit 4 rows, decreasing 1 st each time
– knit 8 rows, decreasing 1 st every other times
– knit 4 rows
– knit 6 rows with wy
now each shoulder should have 19 stitches

join one shoulder

bring forward 81 needles
with wrong side facing, pick up 81 stitches:
36 on back neck, 14 on side front neck edge, 18 on front WY, 13 on the other side front neck edge.
knit 10 rows, then do ribbing

– bring out 66 stitches, and hook on between the markers
knit this 12 times:
– knit 6 rows, on the 7th row decrease one on both side
then knit 17 rows, rib the last 10 rows, bind off

We went on a road trip without little K and I had to bundle up like crazy! but I like how my outfit looked. I am also wearing a scarf I knitted earlier in 2012. Its a really warm wool scarf in seed stitch. I kept on forgetting to do a nice photo shoot for it, but I recently ruined it by putting it in the washer and totally shrunk it. oops! At least I got a lot of good wear out of it!

I hope everyone had a great new year!

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