Multiway Grey Sweater

I made my third sweater on my bond sweater machine and its amAAAAAzing! (Sorry, been watching too much Happy Endings. its  a great show for sewing!) I think I finally got the formula down for that slouchy/oversized look that I like so much this season.

This sweater was knitted up on my Bond machine over the course of a few weeks. All the ribbing takes quite a while on the machine (still not as much as hand knitting). I made it so that I can wear it inside out, or outside out 😛 I actually prefers the texture of the “wrong” side of the stockton stitch. It looks like a Garter stitch, which Bond machine cannot do. The only thing is that when you piece two pieces together, it is really awkward if you try to sew it with the wrong side together instead of the right side together. So when I wear it on the wrong side, there are two seams running down the side (not shown here). I made it really neat though, so it doesnt look too bad!.

Note sure if you can tell the difference from the photos, this is wrong side out:

The neck part can be pulled down for the off the shoulder look, which make the sweater a little longer to be worn as a dress as well. I call that sexy mode. When I wear this to work, I wear it like a turtle neck like a sweater, which also makes the sleeves shorter and more convenient for cooking at home. I call this slave/mommy mode.  It is truely a versatile piece!

Lastly, this is made from 100% polyester. I just loved the fact that my first sweater had been washed almost every week during the winter and it never gets damaged or dirty. I am going to have to rethink my position as a fabric snob. I love how the sweaters from this yarn is really soft, and it falls close to my body which shows off curves without being tight or obscene. Though it is quite staticy – my hair goes a little wonky with this dress!

If anyone arrives here looking for Bond Machine knitting patterns, I actually recorded down this one diligently! Though, does anyone even have a bond knitting machine out here? It doesnt seem very commonly used at all!

machine knit sweater – grey:

2.5 tension, 2 out of 4 rods inserted

  • cast on 82 stitches with WY, knit 6 rows
  • K 90 rows, mark arm holes
  • K 36 more rows
  • put center 40 stitches on waste yarn
  • each shoulder will have 21 stitches
  • knitting 6 rows with WY on each shoulder, then take them off the machine
  • flip it around, with wrong side facing you, hang the hem, knit 10 times then rib it. then bind off


  • cast on 82 with WY, knit 6 rows
  • knit 90 rows, mark arm holes,
  • knit 20 rows
  • put center 22 stitches on WY
  • for each shoulder:
  • – Knit 4 rows, decreasing 1 st each time
  • – knit 8 rows, decreasing 1 st every other times
  • – knit 4 rows
  • – knit 6 rows with wy
  • now each shoulder should have 22 stitches

join one shoulder


  • bring forward 89  needles
  • with right side facing, pick up 89 stitches:
  • 40 on back neck, 14 on side front neck edge, 22 on front WY, 13 on the other side front neck edge.
  • knit 60 rows, then do ribbing (1 in 4), i made the ribbing at the 2nd stitch and 2nd to last one

join the other shoulder. sew the turtle neck together by hand


  • bring out 50 stitches, and hook on between the markers
  • knit 90 time, rib the last 8 rows

sew the underside of sleeves and also sides of the bodice together

4 thoughts on “Multiway Grey Sweater

  1. It’s cute! And I actually used to have a knitting machine, but I gave it to a friend who was taking an online fashion design college degree–no matter how I fiddled with it, I just could not figure the darn thing out, and really had nowhere to set it up anyway.

    Also, I love that you have a couch in your backyard for photoshoots!

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