The Bear Coat

Hello! 2013 has truly started off on the right foot. I have finished making a coat, and I’ve worn it almost every single day for the past 3 weeks. Bless the cold weather!

I have donated/gave away a few ill fitting coats/jackets end of last year. Looking at my closet, I realized that I lack a black coat. I also realized that I almost always pick the coats with a hoodie when i get dressed. I have also had this soft, thick 100% wool from hancock in my stash for a whole year or two, with matching bright green polyester sateen that I intended to use with. I havent made a coat this year yet, and the coats/jackets I made last year had not been worn much as they dont quite fit into the style I like this year. Also, Kaylee decided to give mommy a break and had been sleeping through the night! So everything came together rather smoothly. I finished the coat in 10 days (include two weekends during which Kaylee took 3 hour naps each day!).

I used my well trusted Telea pattern @ 91% from Burdastyle. I added a hoodie, changed the front to a black zipper closure, and made the pocket  in a different way so that its easier and cleaner. Well, there’s not much else to say! 🙂

My husband called this the Bear Coat because we shoot this coat up in Berkeley. We celebrated his birthday partly by wandering around the old campus where we spent the early part of our past ten years together. I actually usually wear this coat with a sweater, jeggings and boots, so there’s not that much volume at my hips and it fits perfectly. But I wanted to wear something fun. So I am wearing the white dress I made a few years ago, plus a petticoat underneath. Part of me wished that we can have another wedding, western style, so that I can dress like this for the big day! hmm, perhaps we shall celebrate our X year anniversary in style.

I want to show you some more detailed shoots of the coats. I realized that I really love it when my coat is branded with my handle name, so I took the extra time to embroider my name with matching thread and sewing the tag into the neck area of the coat. I also really love how the lining turned out along and how the zipper turned out. I actually was going to use some fireman hooks as additional closure on top of the zipper, but the coat came out so perfect that I didnt want to risk adding too much elements to it.





And here are my favorite photo from this coat photoshoot.

14 thoughts on “The Bear Coat

  1. Love it!! And another wedding? Man, after this one myself, I told myself that it was a great experience but never again!

  2. I love your coat! I especially love the simplicity of it (I’m not a huge fan of embellishments). I think you may have inspired me to make my first coat (sadly by time I finish it, I probably won’t be able to wear it for some time). I just had a baby as well (June 2012), so I haven’t undertaken any serious sewing projects lately. Thanks for the inspiration! Hopefully I can make the same modifications on the original pattern that you did solely based on the pictures you posted. Although I’m definitely going to check out your previous posts on coat projects, any extra tips/advice would be appreciated!

    1. woo! yes! ask any questions you may have! one extra tip would be – if your wool is thick, i find that top stitching helps it stay flat without having to press it 🙂 (I particular like the look of it and i am no good at pressing) good luck and feel free to ask me any questions you have in the process!

    1. i am very lucky because my husband is very into photography. this is a good blog idea though! i’ll ask if he can give any good tips and do a guest blog!

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