Doggie Dress

Remember this dress that I made for her when I was still preggos? I almost didnt make her wear it because I didnt think it would fit. Turned out right now is the perfect time for her to wear it. Shoulder and neck fits pretty decently and armhole is comfortable. I just need to alter the sleeve opening since thats a little tight. She is a LOT taller than I thought she would be, but she actually looks quite adorable in the short, short dress!

Its pretty hard for my husband to get a picture of her in anything now since she moves crazy fast.

(Her favorite thing to do in the morning is to help us unload the dishwasher. i know, we hit the jackpot in this gene pool mixing business.)

Of course, 5 minutes into wearing the dress she proceeded to staining it with some lovely strawberry juice. I am just glad I got some pictures right before it happened!

6 thoughts on “Doggie Dress

  1. Super cute! I just want to pinch her little cheeks! Boy, I hated it as a kid but now, I understand why people did it to me then.

    1. hahahah 🙂 my mom is always telling D to not pinch her cheeks. she thinks all the drooling came from her cheeks being pinched too much 😛

      for some reason, i feel that her nose kind of look like yours when she was first born. random thought 😛

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