Simple Pencil Skirt

Who says shorties cant wear skirts below the knee? Its alllll about proportions. I decided that I want a long pencil skirt. The kind that makes your butt look nice and round. The kind that makes your lower half look long and slim. So once again I tweaked my self drafted skirt pattern and made this pencil skirt in a shimmery green twill fabric. Its a little more dressier than I usually wear for work but I dont care! I loooove it! I think I will be wearing it none stop with my nude pump and flowy blouse for summer.

(yaiks, the hand placement created some folder there. Skirt fits better than it looks here!)

This is one instance when I am really glad I can sew. I doubt I can ever find store bought long-sh pencil skirt that wont just swallow me up, without some major surgery anyways.

The fabric has some scratches and folds when it was shipped to me. I tried ironing it out but it seems permanent. I still like the skirt a lot and maybe I will just try to scratch it up more.

Alright, nothing much to say about the construction really, its possibly the easiest thing I’ve made in the past few years. 🙂 cheers for those delicious low hanging fruits!


9 thoughts on “Simple Pencil Skirt

  1. I don’t know how you have that figure you do so soon after having a kid! You made that pencil skirt look good! =)

  2. Cute skirt! I like the scratches in it and think you should add some more. It adds some character to the fabric. It looks great on you!

  3. You look awesome! I love your blog–I’m short, and I hate people telling me I can’t wear longer skirts! You’re so inspiring 🙂

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