Half Hand Made Half Thrifted Dress

I thrift most of K’s dress because its so much cheaper and pre-shrunk too! One day I bought this cute skirt and thought she would look very adorable in it. But when I put it on her, the band snaps onto her tummy and doesnt look too comfortable. Then the front would slide below her big round tummy (she eats a lot) and the skirt would sit much Β higher on the back. The ensamble would make me laugh since she looked like a little sheep walking on her hind legs.

So I took the elastic out, made a knit top out of left over fabric from this top, and tada! instant cuteness. There was actually a third layer of skirt ruffle, but I cut it off since she’s so active and a longer skirt often hinders her climbing activities.

She got the same cute patch pocket as my top, and for the edges, I actually took the edges of the fabric (whats that called? sleeves?), cut out some stripes and sewed them onto the neck and sleeve openings. I really like the raw edge it created!

(K: come on cat, you know what I am talking about, right?

S: get away from me with those sticky hands, you!)

(K: yay, negotiation complete!)

Lastly, this top happen to fit her to a T. That was not intended – I wanted it bigger so she can grow into it through summer. kids grow fast, eh?

I know, she’s pretty pro at posing for cameras πŸ˜€

6 thoughts on “Half Hand Made Half Thrifted Dress

  1. Love the dress with the little pocket and looooove the sequence of photos with S! Hehe, I think you’re soooo gonna be addicted to sewing for her! Btw, are you gonna pierce her ears?

    1. hahaha, actually its true. i want to sew for her more! totally deviating from my selfish ways!

      and no! no piercing her ears! eeks. i feel like she would just pull on it and break her ear loop. she saw another baby at a playground with piercing and i think she wanted to go pull on it. i wouldnt want other curious kids to do it to her πŸ˜›

  2. Cute refashion! And yes, kids grow SO fast. I didn’t believe it until my son was born one week and then a couple months later he was suddenly in Kindergarten! LOL! Be sure to take time to watch her grow up–even as a SAHM I wish I would have spent more time playing with my little guy…

    1. hehe yeah! i think sahm has such a tough job. when i get a whole day with her, at the end, im REALLY ready to have some alone time! haha. yet if i dont see her for a day i really do miss her! its a balance πŸ™‚

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