Deluxe Silk Dress

After doing knitted project quite a bit, I was ready to do some “real” sewing again. I want to try to use up my stash this year. I wont be so ambitious and promise to not buy any fabric until I’ve busted my stash, since really, I just dont have that kind of self control when I have  a specific project in mind and need fabric (yes *need*). I had this pink silk from for a few years, bought because its silk and cheap with an interesting texture. I actually never knew what I wanted to do with it. So I searched through my pattern library and found a pattern that I think should be suitable for this fabric (2009-03-101A).

I have to clarify that in real life, the dress is not THAT see through. Hubby used flash and sexed me up a little. However I would not be wearing this to the office without some pants and an under layer 😛 But for casual purposes, I am very happy with it.

I had a pretty difficult time with the colar construction, and I accidentally sewed in too much when connecting the front pleat with the collar, resulting in the  skirt front being pulled a little higher than the back. I only realized this issue because I was watching an episode of Great British Sewing Bee (AWESOME SHOW!!) in which the judge pointed out the same issue with a contestant’s dress. Side remark: its such a cool show – made interesting for the beginners yet someone like myself who have sewn for almost 6 years still learned a load of new things! I can rave on and on but really, just go watch it, if you haven’t already!!

Back to my dress. I also spent a LOT of time making the inside look nice. Everything is encased in French seam, or bias tape made from the silk fabric itself. I even bias taped seams you cannot see from the inside, such as the seam below the collar, sandwiched between the back york and facing.

The beeeeautiful inside:

The bottom hem was made from a wide stripe of beautiful silk charmeuse salvaged from a failed project. I was having a hard time discarding the remains of the failed dress – being able to use part of that dress in this design made me feel so much better about letting it go! Also, the weight of the bottom charmeuse is very heavy comparing to the top, so it actually pulls the dress down and make it less likely to be blown up by wind.

The lightness and airy-ness makes it perfect for summer!

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