Refashion – Running T-shirt

(Thank you guys so much for your comments on the last post! It always makes me so happy when my creation is liked by others 🙂 )

For someone who sews and tries to dress up as much as she can, I own a ridiculous amount of woot T-shirts. Woot shirts really know what they are doing – I just cant resist their shirts when it involves firefly, Arrested Development, cute animals, mario cart, and binary jokes. Recently I decided to not check wootshirt & ignore any wootshirt link from my husband, because I just dont wear Tshirts. They are too casual for my usual outfits and too stuffy for working out.  (On the other hand, they are practically uniform for my husband).

But, I started running again recently, and husband had been bugging me to do this. So I finally got the courage to cut through my precious woot shirts that I never wear! I spent about 10 minutes modding my shirt before I headed out for a run. Now its a lot cooler and I wear them for running. I love it!

5 thoughts on “Refashion – Running T-shirt

  1. Whoa! That is so awesome! Thanks for posting the video how-to, I’ve got a few t-shirts that are getting ratty that I could practice on. 😉

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