Sewist Encounters and MMM

Sometimes I see random things that reminds me that WE the sewists exists outside this online sewing world, and puts a smile on my face. I saw a SUV with license plate ***SEWS in socal when I was driving up from a friend’s wedding last year. I actually have a picture of it but for privacy concerns, i decided not to post it. But I was very excited when i saw it!

The the other day I was shopping at the Goodwills (chain non-profit thrift store in the US). I saw this pair of pants that was just beautifully made. It looks like it was fitted to someone with a very small frame, and made from  very nice, drapery and natural material. I could tell right away from the inside that it was sewn by someone! I was so excited to know that there’s a talented tiny sewist somewhere near me. I wonder if its someone on the sewing blogsphere and would really love to know who made it! Did you or someone you know made this?!Its too bad that I dont need formal pants for work, or I would totally consider buying it if it fits! which reminds me – I should really put tags on all my creations. that way when I donate them, curious people like myself can look up who made them!

Lastly, I’ve really enjoyed watching the blogs that participated in MMM this month and actually posted pictures of their daily outfits. There are quite a few bloggers that I loved, but my favorite MMM posts are from Handmade by Carolyn. She has such a great sense of style and SO MANY hand made clothing! And on top, her whole family got into MMM (which should then be renamed to mom-made-may), which is extra exciting. I considered participating in MMM this month, but I knew i wont have the else discipline to not wear something I feel like wearing. But I did try to take a picture of my outfit every day.I learnt a few things:

1. i just cant manage my face into a nice smile when there’s no one around

2. i seem to like to repeatedly wear a few of my favorite pieces of clothing

3. Out of the 31 days, with some days where i forgot to take a pictures and some days i had two outfits, I wore a me made item 23 of the days. 6 of the days I wore an outfit without any me-made items. Most popular item been my big pocket cardigan, worn a total of 8 times!

Last lastly, I have like 4-5 things I’ve made and yet to have photos taken of. Hubby is experiencing post-photo-processing-fatigue (PPPF) after being the photographer for a large conference so I am not bugging him too much for photos. But I cant wait to show off the stuff I made!

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