Peasant Girl Dress

I made her a dress from left over linen from this dress. I wanted a cool summer dress for her that have a small, fitted neckline. She’s allergic to sunscreen and overheats easily. So a thin material with a good coverage is in order. I made it snap botton closure on one shoulder & side for easy on and off, and used self bias tape to enclose all the visible seams and french seamed the not visible seams. It is so satisfying making her this quick dress and the snap machine my dad bought me came in very handy.

She’s at an age where she actually enjoys wearing cute stuff and showing her dad how cute she looks. When she wore this dress to show him, he cracked up and called her a little peasant girl and told her to get him some water. I suppose it does look like a Chinese servant dress, especially when she wears it with light pants like this:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1.38.48 AM

10 thoughts on “Peasant Girl Dress

  1. OMG, she is too cute in that outfit 🙂 aren’t they fun at this age? btw, love your toy storage, where did you get it from. Ben’s toys are taking over my living room and I am to blame, need a way to organize them

    1. hahaha, i *wish* that is my toy storage. we were actually at wholefoods – they have a children’s section and she loves playing there. actually, we cleared our living room of any TV/electronics cos I didnt want to put up gates. so how the living room is just 2 couches and her toys, not really organized too. but much easier- i dont have to worry about her touching stuff she shouldnt touch!

  2. Adorable. I can’t wait til my toddler can actually walk so she can wear things without it being dragged under her knees as she crawls.

    And speaking of Chinese peasants, have you seen Tai Chi Zero? The main female character wears a blush pink tunic over bright orange wide legged pants. That’s my new favorite color combo

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