Scrape Leather Camera Cover

My husband got a new camera recently, since he doesnt carry the pro one around due to the impressive size. He wanted a camera case to protect this one from scratches. I had some scrape leather from fabmo and thrifted leather skirts. So I made him this case. It was actually very easy with only 4 pieces of pattern that I drafted myself.

Because some of the leather was sample leather, it had gold imprints of what company it is from. I couldnt cut around it due to the small sample piece but I actually kind of like how it looks. Makes the bag more vintage-y. I used a regular sewing machine setup with thick thread and sewed it with no problem. Only thing was -my machine/feet did not reverse easily on leather, so to reverse, I had to turn the leather around.

When this one breaks, I think I will make him another one with the seams facing outside – it feels more durable that way!

6 thoughts on “Scrape Leather Camera Cover

    1. he bought this one:

      (he got it for cheaper on ebay though)
      and he moded it to make it look old and vintage-y with black tape and all. πŸ™‚

      1. Holy crap, that price! I would so pad the pouch an inch thick on all sides for something with that price tag, lol.

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