Pleated Bamboo Jersey Dress (aka the Working Mother Dress)

I made this waist clincher dress a long time ago, and instead of following direction and use stretchy knit, I went ahead and used a totally non-stretchy linen. The result was still quite good – the dress looks great and the fit was still fine. However, either it shrunk in the dryer (this is my pre-pre-shrink days), or I got chubbier (but likely, both), it no longer fits comfortably. I’ve worn it to the office feeling well dressed and good looking in the morning, but totally miserable after lunch.

But I love the pattern so much that I never gave away the dress. So I made one more from the proper knit material! and I *love* the result!! I had some left over knits from this shirt and i took apart this dress (I know this is one of the blog favorite, but I actually dont wear it much at all, as 1. it shows every little bit of belly i have that day, 2. its a bit too sexy/fancy for day to day wear), and followed the pattern burda 6/2009, dress 101 to make my new dress. I love it! Its the opposite of the waist clincher – super duper comfy. And I think it does wonder to how my butt looks 🙂

I made almost no change to the pattern (didnt even shorten it) except to serge a folded stripe onto all edges

I’ve been wearing this dress every week since I made it, which is over a month or two ago! But being a working mother and all, I never had the time to take proper photos with it, since I mostly wear this to work and after work its a frenzy getting dinner ready, picking up little K, bath her and put her to bed. So this time we decided to take photos when we go on our walk with little K. I feel a little ridiculous pushing her around in my high heels. But a mother can be glam too, right?

(tiny note: this bamboo knit material cling onto my cotton undies a lot. so either thongs (which i hate) or commando (no comment) is better with this dress)

8 thoughts on “Pleated Bamboo Jersey Dress (aka the Working Mother Dress)

  1. Gorgeous dress! It fits you so well and looks great. Re the clinging, you could try lining the back with something slippery like nylon tricot ( the stuff lots of slips are made of) – that way you won’t have to worry about cling or about sudden gusts of wind 🙂

    1. ah! i did think about that too! but the fabric is so delicate, i dont have the skill to attach another kind of fabric to it without stretching it out. though perhaps I can make a separate slip out of a thin silk…. (I hate the feeling of poly against my skin so thats out!)

  2. Cute! And have you tried the silky panties? Those would help with the cling, and if you can’t find any styles you like, making your own is quick, easy, and fun. 😉

    I love the shoes and also the little trike/stroller thing. 🙂

    1. ooooh~~~ hmmm, thats an alternative i havent thought about before. i dont have those super silky panties since they are mostly polyester, but i can make some silk ones!!

  3. you can purchase a non cling half slip or purchase a non cling half slip and attach as a separate lining to the dress while you are making it.

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