Eye Popping Mask

Our family members are mostly night people. Little K sleeps from 10pm to 8am. And we try to sleep until whenever she’s up. But we have a really bright window that shines directly at our eyes. I used to use those airplane eye mask, but they finally broke. A few weeks ago I had my wisdom teeth taken out and were prescribed some Vicodin. While I was feeling high on the pills I thought – wouldnt it be cool to make an eye mask that makes it look like your eyes are popping out?

So now here we are 🙂 Its actually more comfortable than the plane ones since i used soft cotton for the back. I had a lot of fun making it. My husband question my wisdom, “is that how you really want me to see you every morning??”. Perhaps I should make one with sexier eyes next time.


*update* Hubby showed my mom these pictures when i wasnt around, she cracked up big time. He said he’s never seen her laugh that hard before. That alone made this project a huge success!

12 thoughts on “Eye Popping Mask

  1. Lol, you’re so crazy funny, Jue!! Eye-popping mask, haha. How do you sleep with it when you roll over?

    1. haha, i thought about that problem too. but i dont roll over on my face. this mask is okay when sleeping on the side. also the eye part is very loosely filled, so it can be squished in easily.

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