Slinky Backless Lotus Dress

Omg you guys! I love this dress that I made!! I was inspired by a few dresses when I started making this.

1. Khatu’s amazing Parsley dress

2. Back of Shae’s dress in Game of Thrones

3.  A dress one of my friends wore to a party – the back was exposed all the way above butt and i loved how sexy it looked!

So I made this dress out of a piece of rayon fabric I had in my stash. I had this fabric for years, because I wasnt sure what I was thinking when I bought it from Hancock – it was too flowery and a bit old-fashioned for me (*insert lament about rayon being awesome but mostly flowery*). But I think this dress fits well with the fabric and the fabric balances out the low back a little.

I made my own pattern out of a basic bodice block. the bodice has a side and bottom bust dart. I had wanted the straps to connect at the center back, like Khatu’s dress. but I found that because I had such a low cut on the back, the bodice would gap and possibly reveal my boobies. So instead the straps connected below the bust to prevent that gap. It also worked well to provide a little support & shape for the bust, since I cannot wear a bra with this.

There was a lot of alterations that was made before it evolved into the current shape. In the beginning, the top and the skirt was connected together in a really horizontal, straight seam at the waist, and the skirt was a half circle maxi dress. It didnt look very good, I was only happy with the back, I showed my husband the dress and he pointed out the severe waist seam, and told me he wish it was curved. He also suggested a high low hem to make the skirt part more interesting. So I went back to work and altered the seam to be below the bust and curving up more at the center, took out some volume from the skirt and did a high low hem. Tada! I LOVE the result!! The dress seriously DRAPES on my body like a dream. it shows off the curves without being tight. It is very comfortable and flowy, yet it hugs the curve. I am not sure really how I managed to accomplished this dress except to say that I had very good advice and I got lucky with the cut.

I love my new dress! 🙂 Despite its very fun low back, its actually safe to wear and no peekaboo has happened in this dress!

14 thoughts on “Slinky Backless Lotus Dress

  1. Absolutely love this dress on you!! Very nice advice, D! I don’t know if you’ll consider it but I’ve seen a friend wear a high-low dress with the high above the knee and the low to her calves and I thought that proportion looks really good. Maybe that high at the front will make it too sexy, I don’t know. But thought I’d share my thoughts with you!!

    1. ah! i did think about it, i might alter it in the future to that length! i hemmed it lower here because i have slightly chubby legs – thought it might be good to keep more legs covered since the back is so low!

  2. Whoa sexy mama! Love this dress! And I’m impressed with your hubby’s input. Mine usually says it either looks fine or that he doesn’t like it but doesn’t know why. 🙄

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