Tulip Kat Dress

This dress pattern from Grainline Studio is EFFING awesome. I dont understand why its only got two handful of dresses made from it (okay, i get that not everyone is such a show off like me, but still!), because seriously, everyone needs to make one!!

First of all, Jen is a pattern genius. Its the first time I forked over $5 dollars for a pattern, but its so, so, so worth it. I cut out the pattern with my actual size, and it fits perfectly  without alteration, which rarely happens. It doesnt feel too tight but sits on my body securely – i dont need to pull the strapless dress up. I didnt do my usual 91% shrink to account for height this time, but it still came out fitting very nicely. The dress has a cut that I’ve not seen from other patterns before, so its actually a little daunting to “hack” the pattern from a basic (cheaper) pattern (I know i know, i should and want to support independent pattern makers, but my cheap side gets the better of me every time). The way the bust line curves down from the front center is just so flattering for any figure, not to mention all the color blocking that fitted together nicely.

When I first cut out the pattern, I realized there were gazillions of pieces to cut out (okay, i exaggerate, really there were only 43 pieces, i skipped the interface). But it was really easy to figure out which piece goes where, so i never felt overwhelmed. Things came together without a hitch, and I followed her very clear instructions for most of the steps. I love that when the dress is done, every single seam is enclosed – it looks as nice on the inside as it looks on the outside. There were a step that I didnt follow, thinking – huh, why does she want me to hand sew the two lining piece together? meh, i’ll machine stitch it together. Only to realize later that had I hand sewn the two skirt lining pieces together, future hemming would be easily doable. Dont question the genius.

Most fabrics came from my stash because I was having trouble and limited time to find the fabric i really wanted. I managed to salvage some purple linen from a project a friend started but abandoned. White fabric and skirt lining is just cotton muslin. Tulip fabric is left over from this dress. I decided to copy Jen and bought sturdy cotton canvas for the bodice lining, which is a very good idea as it holds the boning well.

Talking about boning, I bought mine from Hancock, because I was so excited about finishing the project and didnt want to wait for ebay sellers to ship. But at Hancock, you pay $4 a yard ($2.5 after discount), from ebay, you get get 12 yards for 8 dollars (thats $0.67 a yard)! I have to remind myself to plan better in the future so i dont spend so much on sewing supplies! Also, is my husband the only seamstress-hubby that make dirty jokes whenever you mention that you need some boning? Tell me that I am not alone.

(on a related note, I am putting off making of the vogue color block pattern for a while. I bought the pattern and realized there is no easy way to shorten the dress for petites – they dont have those petite folds. oops. need to think about how to shorten that pattern for a while. )

pps. sorry for all the pictures of me just working it 😛 i love the dress too much.

22 thoughts on “Tulip Kat Dress

  1. This dress looks great on you! I think the use of the leftover tulip fabric was a great choice, it’s so fun and pretty. 🙂

    Um no, my hubby does similar things–especially if I’ve tried on something several times and haven’t bothered to get fully dressed again… 😉

  2. Gorgeous! The color combo + print and the neckline shape, so cute!

    I’m really tempted by this dress, but intmidated by the boning (heh. My boyfriend grins hugely whenever I start talking about that.) Did you use the plastic sort of boning? I read somewhere that the plastic boning will eventually buckle and bend at the area where you usually bend, like the waist, so I’m unsure how to proceed with a dress like this.

    1. thanks Ella!! I am a little worried about that as well, though most of the dress i have with boning havent had that issue, i tend to not wear 1 dress too often.how ever, i think if the boning ever breaks in this dress (or any other dress), it is not hard to cut a little hole in the lining, replace out the boning, and patch things up with hand sewing. i hope i wont have to do that for a while!

  3. I know this is odd request (and a really old post!), but could I possibly buy a copy of grainline studio’s kat dress from you?

    I was looking for a cute pattern for a printed fabric I found and saw the dress on Google and fell in love. Nothing else I found can compare to the aesthetic of that dress.

    I’ve been looking everywhere for a way to get this pattern but it seems it’s discontinued. I wrote the owner of grainline a few days ago but have yet to hear back. I doubt she’ll be bringing it back, so I feel the only way I can get my hands on this is to ask someone who already has the pattern.

    Sorry for such a long winded comment, but I really need this dress in my closet in multiple colors! I’m writing a couple different bloggers in hopes that one will respond. Thanks for your time!

    1. hi Kit! I know!! i dont understand why she removed it either! I am hesitating sending you the pattern because it feels at least a bit morally wrong for Grainline to not financially benefit from the pattern. So maybe wait a few more days and see if she would respond?

      What size are you for this pattern?


      On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 10:05 AM, Petite Republic wrote:


      1. She did actually write back and say that she pulled it because it was one of her first patterns and it wasn’t graded for all sizes. Though she also did say that it’s discontinued at the moment and she may or may not grade it for all the sizes in the future and re-release it. So chances of me getting this are pretty slim, I think. I would immediately buy it if she put it back up for sale. It’s such a cute dress!

        I did check around on different websites that sell grainline patterns since I did see a couple of discontinued ones like the Maritime shorts and the tiny pocket shirt, but so far no Kat dresses.

        I have no idea what size I am in that pattern since I haven’t been able to find a size chart. I think patternreview has the only image I’ve seen of the pattern yardage needs, but all the other information I’ve been able to glean is all from people’s blogs/finished photos.

        1. hmm – whats your actually three sizes, if you are the same as my size – i do feel comfortable with sending over the paper copy I have printed out immediately!

          On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 9:12 PM, Petite Republic wrote:


  4. I finally did find a chart and I’m between a 0 and 2. 32″, 26″, 35″. I hope I’m the same size as you! I am also a shorty (4′ 11″). (: I swear if she ever does re-release it, I will definitely buy it.

    I almost wish I had never seen photos on google since I got a bit obsessed and just started looking for similar dress patterns but couldn’t find anything nearly as perfect. Does that ever happen to you?

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