Little Frogman Sleep Pouch

Summer is coming to an end and I needed to start getting ready for the chiller weather. Little K had outgrown her XL sleep pouches, and she kicks off her blankies, and she didnt like her pouches anyways since they really hindered her movements. So I decided to make her a sleep pouch with two holes on the bottom so her feet can poke out.

I made this from cotton flannel I had in my stash for years. Its very soft and comfortable. The patch is actually from the movie Steve Zissou, bought for hubby but too big for his costume. My mom didnt know that and commented that the Z was for sleeping – how appropriate!

At first, she really enjoyed trying the pouch on and the way she moves in it cracks us up. Of course, when she realizes that pouch = sleeping time, this is suddenly her least favorite clothing. I had to bribe her with 5 minutes of cartoon to take those pictures. I finished it just in time for some trips to chiller weathers, very useful! πŸ™‚

And she already figured out how to take it off in the morning!

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