Swiss Dot Peasant Dress

A while ago I got this really cute  J-crew swiss dot dress from Goodwill. I bought it even though its $15 dollars (Goodwills here are a little overpriced sometimes) because it had such a nice fabric. I really disliked the top, which is a halter top and gave me a neck ache every time i wore it. Mean while, I bought this cute and cheap corset vest from amazon, and I needed a dress to go under it (reason: my husband really likes the look of a white dress with a corset…).

So I bought some white swiss dot from the store, followed pattern McCall 5039 for the top, and made this dress by combining the top I made and the skirt of the goodwill dress. I kept all the edges unfinished and raw, to match with the skirt. Even though the two fabric isnt exactly the same, they worked well together. I really like the end result! Because I used draw strings for the neck, arm hole, and waist, this dress is totally adjustable for size 🙂 It also goes super well with the vest. success!









Now I want to make a corset vest. the one I bought doesnt fit very well – its too long on the top and i dislike the curve up in the middle of the bust (a little too vulgar for me). So there may be some corset sewing in my future!

6 thoughts on “Swiss Dot Peasant Dress

  1. LOL! I can’t imagine why your hubby liked that corset vest! 😉 Seriously though, the outfit is really cute, so I would rock it if I were you! Also, you’ve inspired me to just go ahead and order some knee high boots–normally I shy away because I have teensy little calves and they have a gap, but I noticed that yours have a gap too and look cute, so I’m probably just being weird. Especially because there are so many sexy boots out there and I pretty much want them all!!

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