Upcycled hoodie dress

I know, isnt she the sweetest little model???

Its is approaching winter and little K needs some more warm sweater dresses. She’s starting to insist on wearing leggings and not boyish pants, along with her bright pink crocs (and we have 3 pairs of all different sizes now). Who knew that kids start asserting their fashion choices so early, however misguided they can be? 🙂 Now I cant really let my girl walk around with leggings and normal sweaters on, I am always the ones ranting “leggings are not pants!”. So its time to get her some warm sweater dresses.

But its becoming a little hard to find cute stuff that fits her in goodwills, and hubby recently retired one of his old sweat pants due to multiple holes. The material had been washed and oh-so-soft. So I made a sweater dress out of it for little K. I drafted the pattern based her T shirts that fits her right now, and it came out fitting pretty perfectly. She looks really comfortable warm,  I love that little hoodie and she loves the pocket. The only thing is that the neckline is a little small, so I have to stretch it after every wash to make it big enough for her adorable head.

(Look at that hair!!! )

The outfit looks even cuter with boots (which took me a LOT (like, days) of  convincing, followed by a lot of compliments for her to agree to keep them on:

And look! she loves the pockets!

And here’s her with daddy wearing matching sweaters and refusing to stay still:

Now thank you for reading, bye bye!

12 thoughts on “Upcycled hoodie dress

  1. Too cute! I’ve wanted to try upcycling stuff, but I never have enough fabric it seems–I can’t believe you got this whole sweater dress out of one pair of your hubby’s old sweatpants!!! Great job!

    1. haha i was surprised too. but hubby’s pants were way big for him, and the sweatpants didnt have seams on one side. so it was basically 2 huge piece of fabric! *upcycle heaven*

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