Simple Black Top

I made a really simple black top mainly to go with the skirt I just made. Also, I dont actually have any black sweaters/tops in my wardrobe (now I think about it, not even a dress!). Anyways, its very simple, I followed the same pattern as my grey top (which I wear a LOT), except I measured myself and trimmed down the waist area so it fits better. The color palette here was inspired by this picture in my pinterest:

And yes, I have awesome cat tights on. Its from amazon and its now my favorite tights. For petites, its a really good buy. Its from Asia and only one size, but fits me perfectly and its quite tight but comfortable. After I’ve gotten this pair, I got 3 more pairs of different ones because they are just too cute (and unfortunately the cat eye here is a little snagged, they seem to be thick and nice but still, its no Wolford)

5 thoughts on “Simple Black Top

  1. Cute! Love the tights too, fun tights/socks are my weakness, even though the ones I buy are typically super cheap and fall apart quickly. Also, I didn’t know you had a dog, cute!

    1. hehehe, yeah, i invested in an expensive wolford one before and it really does last very long! thats actually my parent’s dog that we are doggy sitting šŸ™‚ he’s very cute šŸ™‚

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