Berkeley Hoodie

I may have became a little addicted to making stuff for little K. Husband retired one of his old Berkeley hoodies and I transformed it into a hoodie for little K. After I cut the hoodie up I realized why hubby hated it – it shrunk very unevenly and all the pieces were not symmetrical! Perhaps they were cut off grain. But it makes an adorable and warm one for little K. The hood were reused without having to be recut (btw, its gold on the inside), one of the embroidered labels were cut off and sewn onto the front as a logo 🙂 I really really love how she looks in this one.

I’ve actually bought more fleece to make her a pink and red hoodie dress. She really does need more warm clothing (the two I made so far plus a store bought warm dress are not enough to last through a laundry cycle) and I love making her cute stuff!

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