House Boots

I made this pair of boots to wear around the house. Every winter, i shell out some $$ for a pair of house boots. I get cold easily but still like to wear cute stuff around the house. However, houseboots on the market that I can find are all made from none-natural materials and overheats my feet (not to mention that they are actually kind of expensive). So I looked for a boot pattern and made these. 

I actually bought both McCall 6449 and Simplicity 1958. I decided that I really dislike the simplicity one because the pattern pieces are two flat sides together, without the pattern for the sole (they want you to buy the sole as a notion). So I went with McCall 6449 and really liked the pattern. 

I used left over wool for the shell and left over cotton for lining. The sole has 4 layers – cotton lining, a foam padding (Dr shoe), wool, and suede. It is enclosed with a stripe of the wool material.

Its the perfect comfortableness and makes me feel stylish at home, I’ve worn it every night so far!

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