I am a Bunny

I am a bunny. My name is little K. I live in California.

Made another sweater dress for little K – from one of her favorite animals to read about – bunny! 

It buttons from the front because the neck part of her previous hoodies stresses her out when it takes more than 3 seconds to put on or take off. She doesnt love it when its warm because its not 100% cotton and gets pretty toasty. But oh man, the attention she gets in this sweater!)

13 thoughts on “I am a Bunny

  1. Hi there. I stumbled across your blog because you are on the Male Pattern Boldness blog list. I love what you have been sewing and look forward to seeing more. Also Little K is too adorable for words!!!

  2. love love love it! is it alright if I try something similar for my 4 year old girl? >>> I have to hurry before she decides she’s too old to wear such cute oufits!

    1. pattern is drawn off my daughter’s existing shirts 🙂 and I made the rest up as i go. as for the fabric, just a 50% cotton 50% poly fleece, though I think I would have liked ti better if its 100% cotton. it was from fabric.com and seems to ball easily.

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