Sweater Giveaway!

Thanks everyone for your comments on previous post! I love how almost every comment had the word “ador*” in it! 🙂

Its been a long while since I did any giveaway of stuff I made. Mostly because after sewing for a while, I realized my skills and product were not quite up to par to be given away! And then later, I would mostly keep on wearing what I made, as I became more aware of my style and improved my sewing and fitting skills. But there are still a few items that I made that I think is good enough to be given away and still not quite my style!

So here we go. I’d like to see if anyone wants my green sweater:

Its a nice sweater but i realized 1. green is really not my color and 2, I wanted it tunic-length but made it hip-length. Its made from a polyester material, so its quite warm (california standard), very drapy, and can withstand a lot of washing without pilling much (from my other sweater experiences, i actually only wore this one once). It can be a little static-y though!

My vintage Chunky sweater:

Not the best picture here since this was probably take 2 weeks after little K was born, I still had a big pouch no matter how much i tried to suck it in. I made it thinking that I will be wearing them with sexy underwear and thigh-high socks, holding a nice warm cup of chocolate milk by the fireplace. Alas, I live in California and it just doesnt get THAT cold for this sweater to come in play all that much, plus our fireplace no longer functions. So even though its my first successful sweater I will have to let it go.

If you are wondering if the sweater may fit you, for reference – I am 4’11 and around 110lbs in those pictures, so if you are a shortie like me, it may be great for you. If you want one of the sweaters, please leave a comment letting me know which one (or both) you want, and which country you live in (so I can make sure i wont be paying too much for shipping). I dont mind shipping them for free to you – but it would be really great if you can send me a picture when you do get them (I wont post them without permission, promise!).

8 thoughts on “Sweater Giveaway!

  1. I live in Sweden, so the sweaters would probably fit right in with the weather even if the shipping can come up to a to high price. I do actually have a chunky sweater on my wishlist and both of them are nice!

  2. Hello, this is Marwati from Indonesia. I like to read your blog and to see your hand made things. I like the green sweater but we don’t wear that in here because of the tropical climate. Just wanna comment on how beautiful the things you made.

  3. Each of these sweaters are so unique! I live in Florida (central part), and it doesn’t get very cold. However, I travel a lot, and your green sweater would be one of the essential pieces in my wardrobe.

  4. I’d love the chunky sweater! I keep meaning to knit a nice big textured sweater and keep making little projects instead. I live in Massachusetts, so my sweaters get a fair amount of use.

  5. I love the sweaters! Especially the second one. I’m just amazed that you can make them; I have no patience for knitting… It takes or seems to take so much longer than sewing! Also envious for the warm Cali weather. It’s been so cold here. I’ve been wearing leggings underneath my jeans these days.

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