(The Cursed) Organic Cotton Heaven

I finished knitting a sweater! This time it didnt take a whole year, but still a good few months. This yarn is pretty cursed – I’ve had it for years, and i’ve started at least 3 or 4 project with it and became dissatisfied and ripped the project out. I thought it was cursed but perhaps it just didnt find a perfect project.

(hmm! an all-me-made-me outfit!)

This is a very easy, top down sweater called Driven. The pattern was very easy to follow and I shortened it an inch to make it fit me better. I used Lion Brand’s organic cotton in dusty blue. It is SO SOFT. I just love how soft and cuddly it feels against my skin. In fact I feel a little guilty that I used this yarn for myself and not little K, because this is perfect for a baby’s soft skin. I used up around 6 balls of yarn here, so this sweater costs around $30-$40 dollars for yarn.

The only thing is that knitting with this yarn seems to dry out my hands completely! Have any of you knitters had that issue with cotton yarn? i had been quite keen on finishing the sweater so I’ve been at it a lot, and my hands got so cracked and dry!

So probably no more major hand-knitting projects for me for a while! Time to go back into sewing! I hope to squeeze in a last sewing item before the year ends!

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