Rayon Dress for little K

After little K constantly trying to make wardrobe choices for me (she always pick this dress), I decided to make a dress using the left over fabric for her in an attempt to stop the pestering. Well, it worked. It is her favorite dress to wear, though she really likes it when I wear the same to match her 😛

The dress itself was very easy. Top is just kimono sleeved, but because the rayon stretches in diagonal, the sleeves followed the curve of her shoulder perfectly. The closures are along the back seam, and made from snap buttons that my dad got from his China trip. I made it a lot bigger than her size so she can wear it next year, (she seem to only grow vertically the past year), but it seems to fit her very well now, except for the skirt being a little too long and would get caught below her feet during play sometimes.

She actually wore it out to a lake last weekend with a little hat, she looked so adorable and lady-like with the long dress swaying in the wind and her gazing into the lake. She even sat down with her legs crossed!!

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