Golden Linen/Silk Cardigan

I knitted another cardigan!!! The last two I had knitted had been very much well used during the winter/spring. However, now that the weather is hot, I wanted something lighter that i can wear during cool summer nights and fall.



I used about three and half hanks of Elsebeth Lavold LinSilk from When I first got the yarn, I was rather disappointed – its a silk/linen mix, but seems very rough, and has a lot of loose strands poking out. But the color was quite nice and i decided to take a bet and try it out anyways. I am glad I did, because after washing, the sweater softened up quite a bit and loosened up too. It is quite comfortable for the summer.

The pattern I used is nancook, a very easy pattern once you get into it.My favorate version of nancook is this one, and it was why I wanted to use a linen yarn with this pattern. I knitting it up with an xs, and was quite worried because it was very tight around the arm and shoulder as i was knitting. But linen and silk seems to loosen after washing and blocking, now it fits pretty perfectly. I stopped knitting so that its not too long. I think its a good length 🙂

This sweater took only a little over a month to knit. But during the month I was not sewing anything – I would just bring the project everywhere and knit whenever i have a chance – car rides, 3 hour glucose tests, when waiting outside little K’s room for her to sleep, etc. I am glad I did because I can wear it for at least 5 months before winter sets in! I hope the yarn lasts a while – never used linne/silk before so I am a little worried.

8 thoughts on “Golden Linen/Silk Cardigan

    1. aww so you failed your 1 hr too? i had to do the 3 hour one twice cos i was high risk! but i passes this time 🙂

      and yeah! I like the drapy-ness of it. it looks less drapy than my inspiration but im hoping its just the tummy being in the way!

      1. I’m apparently in a high risk category (first pregnancy, Asian, family history of diabetes), so I didn’t even do the one-hour…straight to fasting for me! Thankfully, I passed, because I think I would die if I had to give up my summer fruits.

        1. congrats! that was one of the hardest thing with my last pregnancy – no insane amount of fruits! us asians cant live without fruits 🙂

  1. Ugh! I was a wreck during my 3 hour glucose test, I don’t know how you managed to knit a single…stitch? I just wanted to cling to my barf bag, pass out, or eat the entire menu at McDonald’s–which would have probably made me want the barf bag even more. Glad to hear you passed, but bummer about having to do it twice–I don’t think I would have been able to do it.

    I like how cute it is buttoned over the bump! 🙂

    1. thank you! and yes, those drinks are nasty and can be so nauseating! though this pregnancy, i was not required to drink the thing every hour – just one in the beginning and then get blood drawn regularly! but still so hungry during the test!

    1. hehe, yeah, its quite boring and the sugar is really yucky (i often wonder if they CAUSE diabetes since they are so sweet! but i think thats not true 😛 ) i do enjoy an excuse to be knitting and watching movies non-stop for 3 hours kid-free though!

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