Knitted House Boots

I knitted this a few month ago but never got around to taking photos and posting it. I wanted to see how socks/boots can be knitted but didnt want to invest too much. So I chose a chunky yarn pattern and used yarn from frogging this project (which turned out to be not wearable at all). It knitted up a lot quicker than I had expected.  One thing about wearing chunky stuff like this on your feet is that because there are so little “contact”/pressure point on the bottom sole, its not the most comfortable to stand on- so I’d need to wear this with socks underneath in the winter.

Given that I am about to spend my whole winter this year around the house, I think this will be used quite a lot 🙂



3 thoughts on “Knitted House Boots

  1. did you put something under the sole against slipping/sliding?knitted booties are on my ‘want to make’ list as well and I was wondering if I should sew a leather sole underneath or put some anti-slip drops …

    1. i didnt – im going to try to wear this without antislip this round (the investment isnt too great so i wuld be okay with the sole getting a little worn / dirty. I want my stuff to be machine washeable and leather isnt as easy to do so!

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