Evil Twin Sister’s Wedding Dress

So things had been generally going more in the… unselfish direction here lately. Perhaps with motherhood my selfish ways had been… a little eroded. My evil twin sister is getting married, and after asking her what kind of wedding dress she is going to wear, I couldnt help but offering to make her a dress. She wanted something simple, not white, with pockets and can be worn after her wedding. Pretty much just a basic pretty dress! She’s about the same size as me with slightly different shapes, often I pass down my me-made things to her – so altering patterns to fit her was easy peasy.

After some consultation, measuring, fitting, finished, we are very happy with the end product. It was a little hard to find a suitable fabric, but i think this one looks very good on her! She chose that neckline and the back opening, as well as how much gathering to do on the skirt, (and of course, the pockets). So it was a pretty straightforward project where i didnt have to be indecisive about details like that! I also embroidered her name and her fiance’s name plus their wedding date on the pockets πŸ™‚

Took some photos in our back yard since the wedding is still a month ago. Unfortunately I might not be able to make it to the wedding since its close to my due date, so I am very happy that I would be present in the way of a hand made dress!


With everything – consultation, pattern making, muslin, fitting, making, it probably took 10-13 hours. Not too bad πŸ™‚ We had a lot of fun and felt like project runway contestant and models a little πŸ˜‰

However, I think I might be going back to my selfish way soon. One reason I havent been as selfish is that I dont feel very motivated to sew something for myself with just 2 month left with my current body, and i have more than enough maternity clothing. I also learnt from last time that its not a good idea to sew for post-birth body – things just dont fit all that well. So maybe a few more knitting projects, some unselfish projects, and I would be back to sewing for myself after #2 is born, if I have the time!!

10 thoughts on “Evil Twin Sister’s Wedding Dress

  1. Beautiful dress! Cool choice of style and fabric too. I hope you are able to make it to the wedding, but if not, it’s nice that your dress can be there. (This should be worth some babysitting or at least hot dinners!)

  2. Such a pretty dress and what a perfect present! Btw, am I seeing apples on the ground in the background? Are those Granny Smith? Ahhh, I wish I had fruit trees in my backyard..

  3. Great dress and I love the border print. I have always loved borders but being a petite find them impossible to shorten. This may motivate me to sew more clothing.

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