Burdastyle Best Sewing Blog, Craftsy and a new URL!

Thank you thank you for the readers who nominated for my blog on burdastyle!!! I am so thrilled to be on the list with so many other talented bloggers – and I discovered a few more blogs that I love! You can click here to vote! This is also very late in my response, IContinue reading “Burdastyle Best Sewing Blog, Craftsy and a new URL!”

Black Babydoll Dress with Little Black Bolero

So I lied to myself when I said I wont make myself another maternity dress (but i swear this is the last one!). I was looking through my pinterest boards for next sewing inspiration, and I couldnt help but wanting this outfit – its so cute! This is the dress I made:       IContinue reading “Black Babydoll Dress with Little Black Bolero”