Burdastyle Best Sewing Blog, Craftsy and a new URL!

Thank you thank you for the readers who nominated for my blog on burdastyle!!! I am so thrilled to be on the list with so many other talented bloggers – and I discovered a few more blogs that I love! You can click here to vote!

This is also very late in my response, I was on craftsy’s Julia’s favorite fashion sewing blog list, and I think there are a lot of new readers from there – welcome!!!

Hubby also bought me a new url: http://petiterepublic.com/ ! woot woot! You dont really need to change your bookmark/reader subscription becauseĀ the original wordpress site automatically redirects to the new url.


One thought on “Burdastyle Best Sewing Blog, Craftsy and a new URL!

  1. Congratulations!! I definitely voted for you asa you wrote this. Just didn’t leave a comment. I hope you win!! And he definitely is one of the best.

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