Seeing Double of Double

So, that last Rayon dress I made for little K quickly became her FAVORITE dress. To the point where she refuse to let us put it in the laundry bin. She especially love it when we are the “same” (matching). My mom requested that I make her another rayon dress since she had to hand wash the dress every day just so little K can wear it again sooner, and little K would immediately take off whatever she was wearing when she found that the dress was dry enough.

So I flipped through my remnant, and made another one 🙂 this one matches a dress I made and shortened from last year. I had kept the part of skirt i cut off, and now its part of her new skirt. Otherwise its the same pattern as her last rayon dress 🙂

Now little K and I have two sets of matching dresses 🙂 Mine fitted through month 6 – we get a lot of smiles from other mommies!

I am getting a little worried though – our #2 is a girl, which means hands me downs and at some point, #2 and I will match and I dont have more of the same fabric to make little K a new matching dress to these dresses! hopefully she wont be too jealous then 😛 I’ve used this excuse to buy 5 yards of rayon at the same time – at some point, we may have a triple match!

3 thoughts on “Seeing Double of Double

  1. When #2 is old enough to wear this hand-me-down dress, little K might not be too interested anymore! We can only hope cuz otherwise, there might be a WW III!

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