Khaleesi Inspired Dress

So I had my first last minute, “make it work” moment!! This happened more than a month ago but we didnt get around to photoing the dress until now. I had a wedding to go to on a Saturday afternoon. Its a formal wedding and I realized that the only dress thats somewhat formal that I can fit into right now is the blue rayon dress I made last pregnancy. Not a bad choice really, but I’ve grown to really dislike the top part of the dress. It made my boob area look a bit frumpy and the strapes were not well made at all – they twist around quite a lot. So on Thursday night, I started remaking the top part of the dress. Two problems: 1) with a little kid who doesnt want to sleep until at least 10pm, my sewing time is quite limited with the amount of sleep I need these days. 2) I couldnt find the same color rayon fabric and i didnt want to spend time remaking the skirt, so I had to go with a darker navy blue and be okay with a 2 toned dress.

But its okay, I worked on it for about an hour on Thursday and got a full 3 hours to work on it on Friday night. Another hour on Saturday morning and the dress is done!!! Its inspired by the dress Daenerys wore to her Dothraki wedding.

Once again, the bodice is made with McCall5652. The most time consuming part is really the 4 long straps I made – two attached to the upper part of the bodice and two to the side seams. It allows me to fit the dress to myself without any elastic or zippers though!

(there is a way to tie the straps so that i dont show as much skin too)

I am almost 39 weeks, and with all the Braxton contractions thats going on, I feel that i would go into labor very soon. Its hard to imagine that with little K we went 3.5 weeks more before delivering – i am SO ready NOW!

13 thoughts on “Khaleesi Inspired Dress

  1. Pretty dress! And you look so pretty in it. 🙂

    I’m not sure I saw the 39th week with either of my boys, but here’s hoping you pull through! Also, it might be TMI or something, but make sure those braxton hick’s aren’t your bladder cramping up from a UTI…I, uh, found this one out the hard way. Those cramps were so bad I went to the delivery room just sure I was in labor, only to find that no, that wasn’t the case….or at least not that day.

  2. Gorgeous remake! I don’t even know what I would do if I had to go to a formal event now! Just getting dressed for work is hard enough…

    I’m getting all the BH contractions too, and it’s so annoying to not know when actual labor will start! So glad someone else is at the same point in pregnancy so that we can be miserable together 😉

    1. aah you are still working through the last stages? yeah, the kiddos sure knows how to get our hopes us! every night i go to bed wondering if this is the night she will come out!

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