Juebejue’s Dad sews – the furniture edition

My dad doesnt just sew – he makes furnitures! So one of the things he made was two couches that we used for as long as I could remember until I was at least 12 (had to leave them behind for grandparents when we moved). pic037 pic045 pic049 pic054

As you can see, he didnt have a picture of the couches specifically, but you can appreciate all the work that went into making those curved arm and piping for the edges from those shots, right? I still dont quite understand how he made those professional looking couches with the tools available back in the days – he made the whole thing, not just the slipcovers!

6 thoughts on “Juebejue’s Dad sews – the furniture edition

  1. So awesome! He did a great job, from what I can see. 🙂 I love building furniture too, but I haven’t felt confident enough to tackle a couch! I do have a book about building and repairing furniture from back in the day (probably 60’s or 70’s), and it talks about being able to find all the little doodads for making your own, (and lists sources) so maybe it was easier back then than you might think?

  2. You were really cute! I love your Dad posts. Thank you fir sharing them. Those sofas are very impressive, he must have been very skilled. Where did he learn his skills? From his parents, or just by doing?

    1. aww thank you! he learnt them by just doing and reading books i think 🙂 he’s very good at figuring things out himselves with just about everything!

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