Black Pompom Rayon Scarf

This is one super easy make that gets so much wear. I realized that 1) I lack a black scarf 2) knitted scarves are really too hot to wear in California winter (especially this winter! its almost Halloween and still super warm here!). So I looked around for a drapery and oversized black scarf. But it was hard to find something thats cheap, comfortable with natural fibers, and oversized.

So I made my own! It was so easy – tear (not cut) off a piece of my black rayon fabric (so its about 60×60), and then zigzag some pompom trim (I found ebay to be the cheapest source) onto the edges. Tada! Rayon challis are very thin, so the scarf is comfortable and not bulky, but still have that fluffy look.

Possibly a piece I made that gets the most wear ever – and I spend less than half an hour making this! Talk about impact vs effort win!

9 thoughts on “Black Pompom Rayon Scarf

    1. aah! i made it before you got here 😉 one of those little pleasures i allowed myself to indulge in when my mother wasnt watching 😛 (i was technically forbidden from doing anything besides eating, sleeping, and feeding the baby during recovery)

  1. That is so cool! I love huge scarves in thin fabric, they’re so practical for so many different situations. I might have to try an oversized pom pom trimmed one (its totally ok to have more than one pom pom scarf, right?)

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