Beige Machine Knit Sweater Remake

The first sweater I made on the knitting machine was this one. It is one of my husband’s favorite sweater for me to wear. Unfortunately it really stretched out and is very annoying to wear, possibly because I was using a large gauge or maybe washed in the washer without a washing bag. So I remade it, following exact same pattern i used for the grey sweater except for the turtle neck, as the grey sweater had held up quite well over the past year. I am really getting faster and faster at making these basic sweaters – this one took less than a week of here and there. Though I must say, its quite boring. I need to find more challenging sweaters to knit with the machine!!!


To be honest I am still not completely happy with this pattern. I think I want the body wider and roomier, and longer for that oversized look. I am hoping it would look more like what I envisioned when I wash it without washing bag a few times and lose my baby weight by next fall. But who knows, maybe I will try again in 3 years!

6 thoughts on “Beige Machine Knit Sweater Remake

    1. aww thank you!! Sorry – didnt see this for some reason until now! I will see if I can make a post some times! šŸ™‚ gotta get all the posts of sewn goodies out!

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