Little K Style

Little K is becoming more and more assertive about the way she dresses. On cold days she still insist that she only wear dresses – not even a sweater on top! So its time to improvise. One of her favorite dresses is something I made from two goodwill pieces – a Tshirt sewn to a skirt. I dont like the idea of a skirt with tight bands around her tummy, hence I sew the skirt to her Tshirt. Recently I removed the Tshirt (which has became too small/dirty/cold) and attached a turtle neck long sleeve – she LOVES it:

I told her that the shirt was too cold and grew out arms for the winter. not sure if she bought it, but she doesnt care 🙂

And then I took one of my old polka dot skirt, gathered it and attached it to one of her sweater that she refused to wear, now she LOVES it:

Obviously its a little too long. I altered it again to be shorter when she went to sleep that night and there’s enough fabric for another sweater. Polka dot is her favorite print so its a quick project with little risk for rejection.

Do you also have a stubborn child with a strict fashion sense? Hope the hacks you have to do is as simple as this!

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