An Knockoff of an Knockoff

When I first saw Vogue 8776 coming up from Erica’s recent outfit post, I was instantly smitten. I would have normally laughed the pattern off seeing the drawing, but what people made looks so awesome and cool, they totally made me want one! Some of my favorite ones other than Erica’s: GoodbyeValentino, sewstashsew , Misscelliespants, MimiG, Mbaliyethu,Continue reading “An Knockoff of an Knockoff”

Machine Knit Striped Cardigan

Another machine knit sweater! This time I adventured into a different type of yarn instead of the good old Caron simply soft. I actually found a bunch of wool yarn in goodwill for 1.59 each. So I bought all of them without thinking about what to make. Among them was 4 skeins of organic wool fromContinue reading “Machine Knit Striped Cardigan”